Equips with camera and speaker, HiMedia Voice-enable Smart TV Box is a TV box that adopts Tencent Yun Xiaowei voice service system, which enable the device to provide daily life services and operations via voice control. It covers areas of video calling, Ultra HD playback, home monitoring, daily life assistance, encyclopedia, control of smart home gadgets and etc.

with service of Tencent Yunxiaowei, HiMedia Voice-enable Smart TV Box support voice on demand to playback built-in massive Tencent video and music resources, live programmes. It support 4K picture quality playback and Harman/Kardon HI-FI grade audio quality. A wide-angle camera as well as five-meter voice pickup and recognition makes smart home service via voice control, such as weather report, encyclopedia, news, alarm, bedtime store, English learning and smart home gadgets control a reality.

Function Summary:Video Call, Harman/Kardon loudspeaker, Tencent Video and music resources, Tencent Yun Xiaowei voice service system, DSP audio processing, five-meter voice recognition and wake-up, Ulta HD camera, SONY high sensitivity image sensor, wide-angle camera to cover every corner of the living room.

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