Youku TV, like the French cultural icon—Eiffel Tower, has an epoch-making significance. Engineering Mechanics is perfectly combined with artistic feelings in its industrial design. For the first time in the world, the TV base is made from pressure casting pure aluminium and oxidized abrasive blasting. More remarkably, made of transparent material, the TV base makes the whole TV set fashionable and light. And the wood log in the base comes with a fresh and natural feeling. The 0.99cm module, with a brand new integrated production, and the elegantly golden color brings the users great visual feelings of high quality. The creative design of placing the audio to the right front of the TV set brings a visual experience for the sound, which rocks any user. With the detachable design of the main board module, it enables consumers renew the core module more conveniently and enjoy the audio-visual experience brought by the updated technology.

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