“Slim, thin and light” has become the trend by which smart TVs are judged, which has brought on challenges in between the superior HD vision and audio functionality. The Whaley W65 is an ultra-thin 4K resolution smart TV which combines HD vision and high sound quality . Through state-of-the-art sound design, the W65 replaces the traditional downward facing audio directionality and adds “Little Whaley” rear case bass modulation to create an all new sound system with forward-facing treble, downward facing mids, and rear-directed bass! Using a unframed design and Achieving a perfect unity of shape and sound functionality. The design of the rear casing perfectly supports the levelness of the whole with a neat look, resulting in a sharp and sleek appearance . Avoiding an elaborate and complex design, the key note is simplicity: we have taken the bluetooth, RF wireless module and notification lights and fit them into a single panel for a simple and intuitive experience.  Making the product more useful,  Bring your an unparalleled smart TV family entertainment center.

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