Vogel’s DesignMount – Design from back to front

We are always looking for ways to make watching television, listening to music or relaxing more enjoyable. Recently our journey brought us to a whole new level. It started when we challenged our young designers to create a whole new wall mount concept for premium TVs. They found inspiration in our rich design and engineering heritage and came up with the Vogel’s DesignMount.

The DesignMount is a turning point for wall mount design that brings a fresh new look to the market, a real signature product for Vogel’s. It has a clean bold look with graceful lines that creates a unique setting for a TV.

When we created this mount, we put a great bit of Vogel’s legacy in it, such as the Screen Protection System®, Smart Movement mechanism® and a Cable Inlay System.

Vogel’s offers a complete and unique focal point on the wall that looks great and works fantastic. The new concept feels more luxurious than anything else out there. Beautiful entertainment starts with Vogel’s DesignMount and continues with Vogel’s Cable Column, AV Multi support.

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