VIDAA with unique design and user-friendly user experience, called the integration of technology and art model. 4k high-definition picture quality, 4000R curvature of the surface of the screen, bringing a wider image. VIDAA TV drawing square, round, triangle three basic geometric elements, the modern minimalist design to the fullest . Borderless design, simplify and give users a better viewing experience; User-friendly front audio for the user to bring unparalleled audio-visual feast; Unique triangular hollow base, it is added to the TV a bit light sense; In addition, vidaa simplifies the design of the traditional TV back, integrate the back of the various functional components, so that the user experience truly attributed to simple. Behind VIDAA’s uniqueness is the relentless pursuit of craftsmanship and the awareness of the user’s mind.The most special place is the ring hollow breathing light design in the lower right corner , and other elements of the design of television geometry to form the ultimate asymmetric coordination, become the highlight of television. When the user performs any operation, it can be interact with the user through light,

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