X2 is a family of products offering the same level of functionality and design in the upper midrange product category.
The main market for the product is China and southern Asia.
The idea is to make an affordable cinematic experience with a balanced picture and sound performances in a modern and slim cabinet with good design all way around – visually communicating premium picture and sound performance.
The front firing high- and midrange speakers transmit the sound directly to the user giving excellent quality of speech recognition. The bass system occupies all the rear of the TV, completing the sound system.
The bottom picture frame and the speaker front is integrated in one aluminum element – visually more simple, bringing the sound and picture closer.
A cover and a groove in the back provide good cable management and a clean all-round design.
The stand is fixed on the rear “Vesa” holes normally used only for wall installation – these solutions leave more space in the bottom for speaker volume for better bas performance.

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