The idea behind X1 is to deliver surprisingly good picture and sound experience in one integrated cabinet – home cinema in a box. Designed all the way around – making placements in the interior with visible back-cover an option as well as the more traditional placements towards a wall.
The high brightness local dimming technology used for the best picture is taking up more space than normal technologies, but the implementation in X1 is the slimmest seen so far.
Outstanding sound quality at higher frequencies is achieved by letting the speaker drivers point directly to the user avoiding distortion and delays from reflections. The needed volume for creating good bas performance, and still maintain a slim feeling, is achieved partly by letting the speaker corpus have a different curvature than the screen – by that gain some volume in the front – and partly by having the speaker cabinet sticking out to the back without any additional back-cover. The result is a class “A” sound quality from a product visually communicating good audio performance by exposing the speaker drivers.
The backside of the product is cleaned up to its maximum by hiding screws, labels, connectors and cables.

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