TV+ is designed to mature online users, has no build in tuner and it is optimized for internet connection.
The product is designed with care all way around building on simple geometric forms.
For a better functionality the sensors for automatic picture settings and IR receiver are moved from the traditional position in the bottom to the top frame. This circular signature element is part of the product identity, in next generation camera and microphones will be optional in the same housing.
To reduce the reflections compromising the viewing comfort the frame is design like a black pass-partout around the picture, framed by a small natural aluminum facet.
The facetted form from the front continues on the backside, which is free of any screws, holes for wall hanging, labels and connectors.
Aluminum profile in the backside is design to hide screws and holes for wall hanging option.
Connectors and labels are covered by lids – allowing for cabling exits on both sides or in the middle.
For more expressive look that a discrete wall hanging option the TV has two facetted casted aluminum feet’s.

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