P3 is a family of products offering an equal level of functionality and design; positioned in the budget category.
The product is going to be sold worldwide.
The idea is to make an affordable cinematic experience with a balanced picture and sound performances in a modern cabinet visually communicating good picture and sound performance in a design, which can last years.
Being in the budget category most efforts are put on making a modern and slim look seen from the front, top and sides – some compromises are made on the back to raise budget for achieving a really good sound performance for the category.
The front firing speakers transmit the sound directly to the user giving optimal sound quality.
The bottom picture frame and the speaker front are integrated in one element – visually bringing the sound and picture closer and simplifying the design.
There are optionally selections of different patterns for the speaker front.
The sides and top of the front frame are made of extruded, sandblasted anodized aluminum – allowing for a slim and narrow design.
The feet’s are casted in aluminum matching, the front frame.

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