The G8 4K_GLED TV is designed to be ultra slim, only 4.9mm at the thinnest. The screen is laminated to implement the minimalist frameless design concept, overcoming the limitation of traditional screen frame and offering users an infinite view. The implementation of ultra slim and frameless design benefits from the revolutionary change of the screen structure mechanical design and the application of new materials such as aluminum-magnesium alloy frame, seamless bending technology, high strength aluminum alloy back pane, .etc. The built-in sound bar that makes sound from forward and is available on the professional stereo systems is designed with the combination of black mesh and highlighted metal. Such sharp contrast between these 2 materials and colors improves the quality and helps transmit tenderer sound. The environment friendly nanometer spray technology is used to make the G8 stand. No acid or alkali is processed, causing no damage to the environment.

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