S9E adopts the most advanced OLED screen body technology in the world; thickness of the screen body is just 2.9mm.
Design of the backboard of the screen body adopts ultra-white transparent glass material, makes the product even thinner and smart.
We utilize screen-mainframe separating technology, integrate main board, power, loudspeaker box and other into the base, and make the screen body pure, extremely thin. Adequate space ensures better product performance.
No disassembly is needed when hung onto a wall; the pedestal is needed to be overturned to the back of the TV slightly, hanging will be achieved.
U pedestal is dexterously combined with the screen body, side line of the product looks smoothly and integrally, and the elegant temperament of the product is demonstrated. Golden tone is used as the matching color; it is high end and fashionable.
To make it easy to identify the terminal location, we designed contour lights around the terminals; it is a finishing touch of the product and the lighting LOGO.

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