COOCAA A3 breaks through the traditional screen design mode, i.e. frame + fastener. The minimalist frameless design is achieved by integral fitting, overcoming limitation of view effect caused by screen frame and providing a limitless view. All-metal backboard is constructed by integrated molding. The diamond modeling increases backboard strength and makes it hard to deform, so the screen is firm, fashionable and stable even if it is slim and frameless. COOCAA A3 adopts an innovation for combining TV and independent Soundbar, thus SoundBar and TV can be freely switched. Users won’t be annoyed for buying an additional Soundbar. The Bluetooth function in one key turns TV into Soundbar instantly with no wire connection. The classic square and round speaker net highlights sense of high-end.
The stand is designed to be adjustable, changing the traditional design of being in the middle or at the TV end, so users don’t need to worry about the length of TV cabinet. It makes the TV look more elegant, more stable and much simpler. The environment friendly nanometer spray technology is used to the stand. No acids or alkali are included in the manufacture procedure, causing no contamination.

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