Designing CFE6400, SFE7400 and CUF8400 series, we wanted to make a premium series feeling; therefore, we added aluminum elements to the design. A truly slender frame, made of “brushed” plastic, looks much better than the shiny, polished ones, especially when it comes with a silver decorative strip made of brushed aluminum featuring SHARP logo. Below, we can see aluminum strip of a circular cross section, which pulls down in the mid part of the screen. This is how we made space for speakers and low-intensity LED diode and at the same time avoided distracting the viewer during the home theater experience. The design comes with trapezoidal, firm, widely breaking stands, also made of aluminum. All three aluminum elements of the CFE6400, SFE7400 and CUF8400 series design complete each other perfectly and as a result our TV set looks truly durable and exclusive. Back cover of the screen is completed with aesthetic pressings, which also help to make the construction more rigid. Available sizes: 43/49/55.

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