A 55- inch 4K ELED television, which is concise, atmospheric and delicacy detail, adopts LG 4K IPS panel to have shocked image quality; carries the PPOS developed independently by PPTV, making it easy to handle.Now household appliances, often gives a cold feeling, we hope to create a new home appliance warm feeling, so that home is more warm, the overall shape of the product changed the other similar products angular and more rounded, tripod to Metal as raw material, to give the wood split design philosophy, at the same time, soft linen material and cold metal perfect combination, we are in the creative design of the difficulties and challenges faced.Exquisite craftsmanship, mellow rounded aluminum frame seamless bending process, the border thickness of only 9.9 mm 45-degree drilling cut, two-color anode process outlined aesthetic golden lines, from the front to give people a borderless visual enjoyment, only Showing a soft golden lines, after the shell and the back with rosewood texture, a better combination of the overall product concept and better integration of home environment, the whole Soundbar with JBL A very certification, it is a home decoration in line with handicrafts.

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