This is a 65 inch Liverpool Football Club customized version of smart tv. Ultra narrow border slim, Liverpool fans exclusive design, selection of passionate red as the main color, inlaid Liverpool logo and exclusive limited number, provide a rich resource of sports programs .
This smart TV, screen aluminum alloy frame with a super narrow design of 9.1 mm, plus a pair of 45 double diamond cutting process, so that the frame dazzling. The bottom of the red border is the front of the design of the speaker panel, more conducive to the sound of the forward transmission, can enhance the quality of flat-panel TV performance.
With a sound box panel with fine Liverpool team logo, in addition to the exclusive number that it has a personal property, for the fans in Liverpool apparently has great attraction. The rear panel with passionate Liverpool red as the main color, paint the high standard of workmanship highlighting the texture, Liverpool logo and “you’ll never walk alone” slogan for many Liverpool fans feel. The extension of the interface, ergonomic considerations, in the top of the shell to set the interface to facilitate the user to use, plug all kinds of interface accessories.

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