Life TV S1 is a remarkable LCD 4K smart TV .It was designed to have a large screen and a “cross-cover interaction” interface which bases on a maturely customized PPOS intelligent operating system. This product is driven by its design philosophy: simple and pure .We only use geometric
Shapes and anything that is considered to be over-decorated has been removed from the design. It was designed to offer users immersive experience and to fulfill the need of modem home design.
Modular design concept has been adopted in designing this TV. The host is separated from its screen. The frame of the screen is using aluminum because of its nature of solidarity and aesthetics. You can either locate the TV on the wall or hang it up to the wall in order to save the space and ease the operation.
To open and control the TV, simply slide your arms across the indicator light area. This way of using gestures to manipulate the TV is unique and easy , which offers user very satisfying experience.
The host also functions as the TV stand. It is very convenient to be disassembled, changed, and upgraded, to offer users the latest and the newest entertaining services. The host also provides users a wireless

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