IPENGOO is a newly brand under the famous internet enierprise Tencent.As the first TV box of IPENGOO,Penguin Aurora Box is designed in a way to show its brand identity.Due to the unique round shape and lively penguin feature,this TV box reveals a vivid design style.
This innovative design is actually a result of refining the core elements of the classic Tencent penguin.The new image is a breakthrough in color and features in contrast with the previous Tencent penguin.The new image is designed with the main element of the round penguin face, which is easy to strengthen the precipitation of the user’s impression. It doesn’t have any expression that looks like a quiet creature on the surface. In fact, it has a connotation of “odd, dull and cute” which is to the very taste of many of the young people in China. The appearance of the penguin Aurora box is born with the delicate details of structure, material and technology. We hope that the future Penguin Aurora box product design will be integrated into the new image, and also hope to get the user’s love.

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