Stylish, light and versatile, Nod is a universal wireless controller for manipulating content on one’s TV, computer, smart phone, or any other smart device in your connected life. Simply wear Nod on your finger, point and gesture naturally, and watch as your devices magically react to your subtle and intuitive movements.

The Bluetooth-enabled ring responds to the simple rotation of your hand to adjust the temperature on your smart thermostat. Just point to turn your television on, change channels or adjust the volume. Glide across Nod’s gestural keyboard to search for your favorite show or present your slide deck. Nod can even be paired with head tracking in a virtual/augmented reality setting for a full immersive experience without the need for a clunky controller.

Nod’s construction is innovative. A single flex circuit wraps in an S shape around the inside of the circular ring and then around the battery, making an efficient package. The housing is waterproof so you can wash your hands, get sweaty etc. Nod has a jewelry-like appeal, as the curvy forms serve to secure it comfortably between the fingers. Nod comes in 12 different sizes. The recharger resembles a ring case.

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