The Unique series of TVs are flagship products. We have integrated the “borderless on all sides” screen design into the design of this smart TV. The infinite design concept has created a limitlessly extending and highly immersive viewing experience. The TV features a new independent Soundbase split design and a Harman Kardon audio system for a cinema-level audio experience at home.
The TV has a slim 6.9 mm body, and a split main body design (called Soundbase), drawing on the design language of the Chinese ancient zither. The main unit features a split design, with an independent audio system. It integrates perfectly with the base and creates a coordinated design, disrupting the traditional form of the television;
The TV has a highly-reflective black wire-drawn VCM backplate which echoes the silver stripe textured PCB cover. The Soundbase has a unique mesh design, highly integrated comfortable key experience and a highly identifiable light-up logo. The Unique TV product series’ sense of technology and the future is conveyed through detailed design and CMF.

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