Television’s technical features have been continually refined since the 1960s to offer viewers an ever greater viewing experience. The designers’ task is always to find the perfect shape to house these new technologies. The curved OLED TV was designed to bring the innovative properties of the OLED panel, developed by LG, to life. The new shape is intended to accentuate the advantages of the minimal thickness of the panel and its slim frame. At the same time, the new product had to integrate the space for the circuit boards harmoniously into the overall shape. The result is an OLED television in a concave form that gently tilts forward and which appears balanced and minimalist. Accent colouring of a small decorative element on the inside of the lower section is an impressive piece of design detailing which makes the television appear distinctive and unique. Its curved lines make the television appear to lean towards the viewer who can experience all the new technological advantages with their intense feeling of reality. The simple, yet elegant design of the OLED TV gives this product range a memorable, new form. The experience of the shape is linked to the intense experience of the technology.

The perfect curve

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