An outdoor wonderWhen the first televisions appeared on the market, public viewing was a common phenomenon. As if mesmerised, people sat in front of the initially still tiny screens. The C SEED 201 is an outdoor LED TV that establishes a new dimension in television watching. Emulating the shape of an oversized television set, this device baffles and amazes people when activated. A simple remote control command makes the C SEED 201 “grow” silently out of an underground shaft, reaching its full height of 4.6 metres within 15 seconds. During the next 25 seconds, seven LED panels unfold to form a screen surface of 11 square metres. Whereas the unfolding is an experience in itself, beholders are surprised by the high resolution of this outdoor screen. An innovative pixel technology ensures watching pleasure in any daylight environment and provides ultra-high-resolution images even in direct sunshine. Each of the 725,000 LEDs processes image data up to 100,000 times per second, enabling the C SEED 201 to display more than 4.4 trillion radiant colours. External sources, such as a Blu-ray player or satellite receiver, can be integrated and activated via the multi-source media server on the remote control. The remote control features a fingerprint sensor to prevent unauthorized access to the kinematics of the C SEED 201. Authorised users can activate and intuitively set the position of the display to the desired height and rotate the screen by 270 degrees.

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