The BRAVIA® AF8 Series of 4K HDR OLED TVs brings breathtaking visual experiences to wider audiences. Featuring a no-frills design and Acoustic Surface technology, which generates sound through screen vibrations, the new BRAVIA® unit is such a seamless integration of audio and visual components that the finished product looks nothing like a standard TV. Not only are there no speakers visible from the front, but the screen strikes a minimalist, sculpted aesthetic, almost appearing to stand on its very own, with the support coming from an ultra-slim stand. The rounded edges of the screen slate accentuate the unit’s thin profile, giving the look an even lighter overall feel. On the back surface, meanwhile, are blocked sections containing two actuators and a subwoofer—and their angles align with the cable cover partitions in geometric unity to make the design a marvel to behold from any vantage point. To strike harmonious chords with the surrounding space, the design also features dark metal elements with a hairline finish on the stand and rear panel, along with a dark brown hue—a color that blends effortlessly into interior settings—on the back surface.

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