The Alta is an iconic sculpture made of pure lines and shapes, celebrating the ultra-slim screen. The side profile shows the design-story of a magically thin glass panel that is intersected by an aluminum unibody, incorporating electronics and speaker functionality.
The element of purity is continued in the materials used: one frameless piece of glass meets the other housing parts made of anodized aluminum. The aluminum magically covers the rear of the slim panel, which is attached via magnets and screw-fasteners. The reduced design of the Alta is reminiscent of classic furniture and lighting design, but goes beyond its visual impact.
The user interface continues to highlight the reduced design approach with its translucent interface, which appears when needed and keeps the TV content visible. The intuitive navigation automatically reacts to the TV surroundings and adapts to its natural viewing environment with a day/nighttime mode. The aluminum remote and media-box extend the Alta design, offering simple connectivity and easy access to a variety of sources. All elements of the Alta combine technology and design to encourage the visual experience.

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