Storm TV is the first to make split design of TV screen and main chip. We design the main chip into a standalone TVkit which can update alone without changing the TV set when TV capability fall behind, thereby prolonging the product’s lifecycle and reducing unnecessary waste of resources. We adopt an all-metal frame, pre product more stable and reliable. The integrated soundbar design combines high-quality acoustics and TV set. Users can enjoy HiFi-level audio effeoviding solid protection for the ultrathin and ultralight frame and making thct while watching 4K extremely definite pictures, obtaining immersive video-audio experience. The stormeye-like design of the back cover gives users a sight of technic beauty inside the TV set while meeting the heat dispersion performance. The flying-wing pedestal is subtle and exquisite, manifesting the lightness of product and acting as stable prop. The small volume reduces consumption of materials while shrinking the packaging volume and reducing logistic cost.

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