This is a voice remote control,Ai-TV stick.It can upgrade any android TV & OTT to Ai-TV which can ‘listen and talk’ with artificial intelligence after downloading Ai-TV software.Just like give a life to TV,users can talk to TV in convenient language,eg:searching for mass TV shows & music, singing KTV,looking for living info,controlling other home appliances,translation study and so on.We developed the chip which has powerful ability of high-quality voice recording,high-efficiency wireless communications and linking to powerful network cloud service independently.The mic has been designed on backside for improving the quality of the recording by preventing from spraying noise.Then the Chinese speech recognition rate is more than 98% and the speed of interaction is up to 0.3s.We have also designed a big-sized IR window to extend the cover area of IR in both horizontal and vertical direction.With the IR remote codes in the cloud, the stick can control a variety of home appliance at the same time.Ai-TV stick has a sleek shape which is easy to be held and a well-designed buttons layout according to ergonomics.The surface was manufactured in Nanoscale craft to get more comfortable touch.

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