Wireless – Digital – High End.

Since the very beginning, a typical audio system consists of a multitude of audio components which all have to be extensively connected with expensive cables.

The ZERO 1 integrates all these components into one single unit and is the first wireless all-in-one horn speaker system in the world. Plug it into the mains, connect it to WLAN and press PLAY in your smartphone. That´s all!

Compared to normal “box speakers” the ZERO 1 is a fully blooded spherical horn speaker system – with all the acoustical advantages of the most natural and most dynamic principle of sound transduction. The diaphragms are much smaller with less moving mass, which translates into reduced inertia.

However, what actually makes the ZERO 1 stand apart is that it combines the ingenuity of the horn with the possibilities of state-of-the-art digital sound processing. Its groundbraking digital FPGA processor ensures an absolutely linear frequency and phase response.

Thus every component reflects the attention to detail for a tonal perfection, turning the superlative into a benchmark. An audiosystem with an innovative concept and an amazing tonal presentation.

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