In the age of mobile Internet, more and more families have and use multiple mobile devices at the same time, such as cell phones and tablets. When night comes, people use them at home for instant messaging and, more often, for browsing, reading, movies & music, and charging.
The design and development of WOW!dea M3 Multi-Functional Wireless Speaker Lamp is based on an in-depth study of people’s everyday life and recreational activities. With innovation and utility as the core concept, the lamp is designed from users’ perspective to meet a variety of daily needs, including night lamp, reading, eye protection (cell phone browsing or TV watching), audio, alarm clock, dual USB charger, and 10000 mAh power bank.
The integration of multiple control technologies, optics and acoustics enables a number of innovative and convenient functions, such as light shift at touch, time-delay automatic turn-off and music play, one-touch activation, which is intended to facilitate users’ lives to the largest extent and also ensure bedside neatness and style.

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