WOW!dea M-Plus Modular Wireless Speaker Lamp is designed for outdoor activities. With innovative interfaces and functional components, it presents a special modular design. Just combine several modules and you will get a monophonic or stereophonic wireless speaker, an outdoor lamp, a portable power bank and more.
The modular design allows users to bring only one instead of multiple devices for power supply, lighting and other functions during trips. Just combine the modules you need, and you’ll have less burden and greater convenience on the road. Also, you can easily replace broken or outmoded modules, thus enjoying a longer product life cycle and making less electronic waste.
Only 50mm in diameter, the product can be held in your hand or attached to your bike or other outdoor gear, offering the best possible performance. It features a built-in wireless speaker, a 10,000mAh lithium battery and a power management system, which keeps all modules going for a prolonged time and serves as a large portable power bank for other devices.
With more modules coming, WOW!dea M-Plus will present more innovative and practical features that creates better experience travel experience for you.

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