DIDO V1 speaker is adopted all-metal Nordic sound chamber design body, metal anodized material, CNC molding process to create a seamless one-piece cavity. The combination of a steel cavity and a beryllium diaphragm creates a turbo-charged acoustic technology that makes the bass even more pronounced and stronger. Our team according to the size of the cavity, custom development of pronunciation unit, after several selection, testing, tuning, precision all-metal sound chamber to bring more stable play performance. The speakers just need to gently put to charge our V1 and we’ve incorporated the new charging method into our small and portable V1, with the high-value charging dock integrated with the body and the body can separable used or charged separately, V1 is used a better EMP new magnet fitting technology, which can strictly control the stability of the song playing during charging, and better solves the problem of current sound with edge charging, which brings better listening experience. We are always dedicating to every detail of the speakers, striving to create wireless bluetooth speakers that are durable, mini, portable, compact and stylish, with superb sound quality.

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