The UPstage360 omni-directional wireless speaker utilizes a 3-way, 4 drivers, advanced crossover system in a mainstream speaker. Capable of true high-res audio reproduction; spherical soundwaves travel uninterrupted 360°, via a patented array of metal/composite spheres & cones. The floating sonic dispersion centerpiece addresses aesthetics & functionality, regally framed in customized meshwork. Mixing traditional & advanced manufacturing techniques; CNC metal turning/routing, extrusion & metal photo etching, produces individualized meshwork and open acoustics. Only authentic, hi-end materials & finishes are utilized and the “ECHO DOT & Alexa” are leveraged as optional “SMART” controllers. Alternative health “acoustic-therapy” functions & an optional battery pack supplement the UX and add valuable consumer features. The ID is honest, assuming a non-directional simple geometry coinciding with function/usability. Intricate design details; the integrated metal-knurled dials/handle, customize design mesh, CNC woofer base, the aluminum extruded engineering spine that integrates wire routing, chambers and solidifies structural integrity creates an “audiophile” feel product for the masses.

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