Unmonday Model 4.3 is the world's first wireless multichannel speaker. It all started with the sound. We wanted to create something truly wireless and flexible, but also something that did not compromise on sound quality or good design sensibility. The end result is a speaker that for the first time, allows you to shape your sound.

As such, Unmonday Model 4.3 is housed in a hand-made vitro-porcelain body, is hexagonal in shape and can change from mono to stereo to surround sound just by being rolled onto its different sides. You can even mute the sound by turning the speaker face down. Intuitive user interface, if you like. Combine it with up to four other speakers to create a surround sound system or a multi-room set-up. As for buttons, the power button is the only one. Router, amplifier, charger and an eight-hour battery are all packed in, and there's a full-range driver giving 20 W (RMS) of power and a proper bass. At home or outdoors.

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