At present there are various of speakers on market, so users have many choices, however most of them are individual speaker. The individual speaker could not use by combination with two speakers into a whole. Following the improvement of channel separation technology, we develop a pair of true wireless stereo speakers with channel separation technology. This kind of speaker could use individually or combine into a whole speaker.
This kind of speakers consist of speaker A and speaker B, made of transparent PC, a very novel design, you could use A or B individually; or use them together to play music with left and right channel; or combine them into a whole speaker by putting into a silicon cover, there have magnet to conbine the two speakers together, and on the top of silicon cover has a portable hook. Each component of the twin speakers is portable and convenient to assemble. The twin speakers in silicon cover could be well protected from water and dust.
The true wireless stereo speakers is only one of such kind of speakers on the market, that other factory don’t have.

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