TreVolo S uses the same Electrostatic Speaker Technology that is typically reserved for high-end speaker systems to create smaller, lighter Bluetooth speakers with rich audio details. With a distortion rate that is only one-tenth of the rate of conventional speakers and no cabinet resonance, the entire thin-film diaphragm offers bidirectional sound projection for a more detailed audio performance and accurate delivery of natural, crisp and clear sounds. Powered by dual 12W woofers, dual amplifiers, and dual vibrating diaphragms, treVolo S produces smooth, rich bass sounds and distinguishable sweet highs. When the wings of treVolo S are open, music takes flight from its dual-sided electrostatic diaphragm; when the wings are closed, it is easily carried and stored. Users can easily pair smartphone or tablet with treVolo S by lightly touching the device to the N mark on treVolo S. Equipped with long lasting batteries, treVolo S can deliver 18 hours of uninterrupted audio enjoyment.

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