TransSpeakers, inspired by the blockbuster movie Transformers, has a futuristic design. It has completely novel form and features. It comprises 4 speaker columns; each one can be individually adjusted. This special feature allows it to be configured with unlimited forms. These adjustable columns are speakers as well as a stand for phone and tablet providing optimal viewing and listening plane to a user. Setting up the columns in different forms change the acoustics effects allowing users to interact with the unit and adjust the sound effect best suits to their personal preference. The high performance driver and passive radiator on each column deliver superb sound quality. Extended columns can be easily folded to a compact size for on the road use. It has a robust frame; the embedded vibrant silicone cover accentuates its aesthetic appeal, its dampening, scratch resistance and easy cleaning attributes. It can be connected via Bluetooth, NFC and AUX jack. Its flagship Bluetooth chip enables ultra sensitivity to wireless reception and high definition output. The rechargeable battery supports 10 hours playtime. The noise reduction mic facilitates hands-free phone conversation.

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