SSSSSpeaker by aiia transforms a utilitarian gadget into an interactive entertaining object – bringing music experience to the kinesthetic level every day.
This silicone funnel-like compact portable speaker provides up to 8 hours of rich 3-Watt sound, while the innovatively designed form of the SSSSSpeaker expresses its functionality. To manage the type of sound, one should simply stretch the speaker for standard sound, fold it for diffused sound, or turn facedown for subdued sound.
The SSSSSpeaker by aiia can be connected to any device via 3.5 mm audio jack (e.g. MP3, MP4, CD-player, mobile phone, tablet, computer). The built-in high-capacity battery is recharged via USB cable. While folded to the size of hockey puck it fits into any pocket or shoulder bag. Bright juicy-colored SSSSSpeaker available in blue, pink, orange & green colors, is made of silicone and ABS plastic is extremely durable and pleasant to the touch at the same time.
Small sizes, compatibility with 99% of devices, intuitive maintenance & control and high durability make this aiia product a perfect reasonably priced match for outdoor, office and home use.

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