Together = Ultimate Portable Audio Solution
Separated = Optimal Stereo Sound Quality
Individual = Versatility and Freedom
Encased = Ideal Outdoor Audio Solution

Traditional wireless stereo speakers have wire between the left unit and the right unit, while our technology enables the pair to work with no visible string attached.
Because our speakers are truly wireless, they can cover both big open spaces or small room flexibly with optimized true stereo sound.
The speakers can be used together to provide stereo sound up to 50 ft (15 meters) without any wires.

You can choose to link your SP02 to play distinct synchronized stereo or have each speaker act as an individual device. Have complete flexibility and control over your sound.
Our goal was to design an uncompromising high fidelity stereo experience that offers stunning audio at an affordable price. We’re only working with the best in the business.

Using magnetic connectivity, you can easily connect the two speakers together and carry them as one.

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