NSF-182 is a bluetooth speaker with modern sensibilities that fits with various life styles and social atmospheres. Small, yet with a powerful output, Sound Fidelity is an objet d’art of everyday life that emphasizes the space of the consumer, and the aesthetic silhouette of the product is also in accordance with the outdoor activities of the socializer consumer, is able to draw plenty of attention from its surroundings. NSF-182 uses the Dual Passive Radiator method to guarantee a high degree of stability and damping. It was designed with a consistent design language to make the product pleasing to the eyes. NSF-182 has been designed with an independent sealed drive unit structure to create a realistic and 3 dimensional sound. The identity of this speaker was developed with the beautiful proportions from the combination of ABS plastic, aluminum, and rubber, Matted and Glossy, which form its basis. From straight lines to diagonal lines, the metallic materials intersect sensibly to give a restrained decorative look to the simple shape, and the decorative/ interface line flowing down the middle of the product provides a clear visual and tactile contrast.

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