Introducing the onanoff Sound Cover,

a radical new approach to iPad audio. Designed with the need for freedom in mind, Sound Cover is a Bluetooth smart cover that features state-of-the-art flat speaker technology to deliver powerful and high quality audio that increases your iPad’s volume by up to 400%.

With a battery life that lasts 15 hours and a sophisticated built-in microphone, it is ideal for all your music, movies and games as well it is ideal for Facetime, conference calling and straight up conversation.

The Sound Cover is super portable, being only 14mm thick. Simply clip your iPad on top of the Sound Cover speaker and you are ready to go, protected and with thumping sound!

Once opened, it syncs automatically with your iPad and you’re ready to experience impressive sound with your favorite device.

Intelligently designed iPad cover maximizes the productivity of the iPad for those on the go!

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