“Sophisticated Simplicity”
This sound bar eliminates as many ornamental elements as possible and adheres to the essentials.
Based on a unibody design, this product achieves a seamless, metallic body, which looks as if it was carved by a metal engraver, achieving a delicateness and luxuriousness.

This neat, seamless look of real metal lends it sophistication and luxuriousness, and reinforces its powerful sound.
The color and material were chosen to match the TV perfectly, yet a simple shape with solid material was used to avoid hindering viewing. When you look at the product, the speaker hole that stretches to the upper side and the edgy side elements deliver a sound that is functionally and visually close to the original.

“Sophisticated simplicity” ensures the product not only matches well with the TV, but also has an appeal that emphasizes its existence.
This product enhances viewing satisfaction and makes the room a simpler looking space.

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