Sound bar for iMac is crafted into a clean, minimal design with an emphasis on simplicity and space. Space optimization was achieved by eliminating redundant components and leaving the main components behind; the dial for volume control and speaker holes. The aluminum-finished surface with exquisite holes gives a clean impression and the stylish ring- shaped volume dial embedded with a sensor enables smooth touch control. The angle of speaker unit is designed to face towards the listener’s ear, so it can deliver true high-fidelity sound. The dual passive diaphragm is delicately engineered into a product to enhance the listening environment by offering crystal-clear output and deep bass sound. AptX, a digital encoding technology, offers real-time streaming (latency less than 1.89ms) to transmit true high definition wireless audio playback of most audio file formats. Based on the key features elaborated above, the Sound bar for iMac makes a great addition to iMac as an optimized sound bar with a unique design and outstanding performance that is incomparable to any other existing speakers.

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