The compact loudspeaker S350 convinces people with its brilliant sound quality and its eye-catching shape.
The woofer is moving the air through the extremely long upstroke and guarantees for a powerful low-frequency playback despite of its extremely small volume. For the high frequencies a ribbon tweeter is used for getting a very detail resolution.
The shape of S350 was done in such a specific way that the woofer housing is in the smallest possible design.
The ribbon tweeter works nearly without volume and gives an excellent appearance in design to the whole speaker.
The performance of the loudspeaker is designed the fittings in the front section to be invisible which allows a logical as well easy assembly.
High-end materials like zinc die-cast, the clear front of acrylic glass and the rear housing of aluminium emphasize the high quality standard and guarantee the stability of the loudspeaker.
The S350 loudspeaker is available as a table version with a stable footing; as a wall loudspeaker (straight or declined) or as a wall loudspeaker with a bracket for the installation in the corner of the room in the combination of colour silver/black or silver/white.

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