Raumfeld offers multi-room music streaming without compromise. From bold yet elegant enclosures to German-engineered audio components and an intuitive interface, you’ll experience true wireless high fidelity for
unlimited music enjoyment.

Advanced audio technology allows the Raumfeld system to transform lossless digital files into high definition sound. And because Raumfeld is committed to delivering an authentic listening experience of the highest caliber, it offers a range of authentic stereo systems with
separate left and right speakers that stream in perfect sync.

Raumfeld’s uncompromising approach to audio is underscored by its ele-
gant Bauhaus-inspired design. Real wooden cabinets adorned with either
matte black or silk white lacquer, the sparing use of synthetics and alumi-
num controls with an impeccable look and feel make no concessions to
fleeting trends – a marked departure from the culture of throwaway plastic consumer electronics.

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