The PWS.01 is designed to heighten the relationship between owner, music and audio gear. It does this by presenting music in a clean, uncluttered form and engages the user through a simple interface and a highly tactile material pallet of solid walnut, perforated metal and molded silicone rubber.

Form- The PWS.01 is designed to retreat into the owners living space. It allows the user to focus on the music being played rather the object it is being played through.

Interface- A simple three button interface allows the user to control all functions of the PWS.01 as well as providing critical battery level feedback.

Materials- The material pallet of the PWS.01 is designed to heighten the physical relation ship between user and object. The owner responds to the tactile quality of the solid wood and perforated metal. The silicone rubber deflects when grasped and the oiled finish patinas over the life of the product.

All of these choices have been made to eliminate typical boundary between owner and object and instead allow the relationship with the PWS.01 to be intrinsic and develop over time.

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