Asgard™ is the name of a new series of audio lifestyle products developed by the Danish company Clint Digital and designed by Danish designer Phillip Bodum.

The Asgard™ speaker series are engineered to fill your home with music and with the free Clint APP for both iOS and Android you are able to connect your speakers in a perfect and simple MULTIROOM setup.

ODIN is part of this series and is suited for the living room, providing an astonishing and room filling sound with 2 speakers and 2 tweeters inside. ODIN is amazing at any volume and with the unique shape, he ideally fits in the corner of a room.

ODIN was carefully designed with simplicity in mind, a challenge due to the size, however the shape, angle and elevation contributes to a overall clean look. Materials such as the aluminium stand and steel enclosure enhances the quality tremendously, which we strive for at Clint. The front faced LEDs together with the speaker voice works as feedback to the user. where the top purple LED serves as the main guide for the status of ODIN.

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