Immerse in the Music, Solo. Or Share it with the Party.

Motorola Sphere+ is a 2-in-1 audio system with over-ear headphones that lets you immerse in music on the go or transforms into a speaker wherever the party may be. Enjoy superior acoustics, with its spherical design and innovative driver configuration. Equipped with Bluetooth® 4.1 technology (up to 60ft.), enjoy reliable wireless connection with greater freedom and flexibility, without the hassle of wires.
The Sphere+ headphone comes with 40mm drivers, passive-noise-cancellation technology and has up to 20h of playtime, promising undisrupted pure pleasure to get you through the day. Water-resistant headphones also mean heading to the pool, with no worries. With a built-in microphone, switch to calls easily, either through the main unit or the headphones. You can easily transition between headphones and speaker seamlessly. When headphones are back on the speaker, they automatically start recharging.

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