MONOCLE is a revolutionary new speaker, speakerphone and handset that allows you to enjoy music and calls in a fresh new way- however and wherever.
Working closely with acoustic designers we utilised the compact size whilst maintaining the best sound quality. MONOCLE’S daisy chaining capabilities allow the possibility to connect multiple MONOCLE’S together to create an even bigger sound.
MONOCLE makes conference calling and hands free use smart and easy, with the powerful microphone and speaker, which can be adjusted by simply turning the wheel. This smart speaker transforms conference calling enabling everyone to hear and be heard.
MONOCLE allows two people to comfortably share a call or listen to music, simply by connecting their smartphones and MONOCLES.
The zebra patterned nylon-braided cable brings a cool retro touch which has led to MONOCLE becoming both wearable technology and a fashion statement – converging both style and technology.
MONOCLE uses a diverse range of quality materials, which find the perfect balance between modernity and classic design.

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