MODEL ONE is a direct result of a long quest for an affordable, relatively compact speaker of the highest sound quality. The team chose to follow the nature — getting as close as possible to the tonality and dynamics of live music. Size of the speaker is determined by the volume demanded by drivers. The rounded form of the enclosure is a direct result of sound requirements in order to minimize internal reflections, making the box less resonant. The only driver which needs to be opened in the back to gain air is the midrange driver, thus the fabric covering at the back of the speaker. This gives the speaker an aesthetic proportion, making it visually impressive from all viewing angles. The front strings not only highlight the tense shape of the front end, but also make the speaker seem narrower because of its dense vertical layout. The most characteristic element is the open tweeter in the waveguide, enabling treble to sound much clearer and with less distorsion. The box itself is made of a solid piece of Okoume wood. The speakers are handmade in small series.

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