Mars by crazybaby is a true levitating wireless HI-FI system. It features a UFO-shaped Mars Craft with a 1.75 inch full range speaker driver and a Mars Base, the 3.75 inch subwoofer Base Station. On its own, Mars craft can be used as a portable blue tooth speaker with IPX7 level waterproofing. Enabled by a ground breaking technology, the Mars craft can automatically take-off and hover above the Base during music playing. When low on power, the Craft can land itself on the Base and take-off again if charged to full capacity. With its sleek futuristic design, Hi-Fi level acoustic quality and unique personalized functions, Mars will deliver the ultimate audio and visual experience in the coolest way. Mars is unique in many ways: Innovative design with futuristic look. Patented levitation technology enables automatic taking-off and hovering during music playing. The Craft will land and charge automatically when power is low. Hi-fi Sound Powered by aptX® delivering CD quality music. 360 Degree Sound Projection. Aircraft grade aluminum casing. IPX7 water resistance. Auto Volume adjustment based on user distance. Two Mars can be paired together to form 2.1 stereo system.

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