What’s Lyric speaker?
Lyric speaker is the next generation of speakers which displays lyrics in sync with the music. When you choose a song on your mobile phone, the lyrics show up on the translucent screen. If it is a mild song like a ballad, the fonts and movements become soft. If it is an energetic song like Rock, they become strong and powerful. Music analysis technologies developed by National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) automatically analyze the song’s mood and structure, and the built-in expression engine creates motion graphics to each song that’s played.

How we come up with the idea.
Songs are made of melodies and lyrics. Through the lyrics we understand the artist’s message. Thanks to digital music distribution, we are able to enjoy an abundance of music at our own convenience. At the same time, we have lost an appreciation for lyrics. The lyrics more so than the melody, is what makes the music inspirational. We want to deliver a more profound music experience through the lyrics. This idea is what gave life to Lyric speaker, a next generation audio-visual experience. Feel the true power of the music.

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