Luna Eclipse Theatre compensates large display panels with great surround sound in outstanding design. With simplest set up, both surround speakers and sub are wireless, the system is a plug-and-go. The only two wires left for front speakers are optimizing lip-sync of sound and image. The low latency 5.8GHz wireless connection is robust and free from WiFi interference. Each front and surround speakers has one 3-inch midrange driver and one 3/4 inch silk dome tweeter. The center speaker has two midrange drivers to deliver articulate vocal. Twin passive radiators are used in all 5 speakers to deepen the bass, while low frequency is delivered by the 8 inch sub. Drivers, midrange and tweeter alike, are driven by dedicated digital amps with calibrated electronic crossover. All signal process is based on DSP and DRC is also used. With limited space on back of center speaker, the system has 3 optical and one line-in, which is sufficient for living room use. The built in decoder accepts Dolby & DTS stream and is certified by the two labs. With auto dim OLED display, hidden touch keys on center speaker, dual layer housing for all speakers, all details contribute to integrity of design.

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